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SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing term used to describe procedures and techniques, when used properly, that can increase your visibility in search engine results (SERPS).  Obviously, not every web site or page on it can be returned as the #1 or #2 search result in Google, but a lot can be done to the structure, coding and content of a site to make it more highly visible in a search result.

The two main types of Search Engine Optimization

Normally, optimization concerns two primary areas:

  • SEO, or Organic Optimization, which can include
      • On-Page Optimization (Content, Title Tags, Good Content,  Key Phrases, Meta-Descriptions, Did I Mention Content?)
      • Off-Page Optimization ( Site Structure, Sitemaps, In-bound links, Social media Integration, etc.)
  • SEM/PPC (Pay Per Click) or  Sponsored Search Result Advertisements Both

The best optimization plans usually involve a combination of these two approaches.

My specialty is organic optimization, which simply means I will utilize a variety of options to have your web site appear as close to the top of the organic, or non sponsored (paid-for) search engine results.

Some of the techniques I use in organic optimization include:

  • Incoming link building strategies
  • Site content evaluation for readability and value
  • Keyword research and relevant content management
  • Social Media integration
  • Graphics and video optimization
  • Site Load Speed Evaluation
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) implementation

Of course, the implementation of these and a host of many other SEO approaches are totally dependent on your business goals and the state of your current site, provided you have one.

From “5 SEO Mistakes that Hurt Small Businesses

“Most businesses understand the importance of implementing SEO tactics into their overall marketing strategy. However, many executives still think that there is a one size fits all SEO program, and by simply copying the same methods as their competitors they will see an instant improvement in their companies’ search rankings.

Unfortunately for these misguided professionals, a SEO strategy is highly personal. Creating a tailored SEO strategy customized for a specific business’s profile, goals, and budget can mean the difference between first page results and search engine oblivion. This is especially true for small businesses. With limited time, resources, and specific audiences, small businesses need to be extremely measured in how they implement their SEO program in order to maximize their return on investment. ”